You will immediately meet the sworn enemy of mankind Centaur

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I believe that a few players choose the human race in the game, when you choose a human, you will immediately meet the sworn enemy of mankind - Centaur. Centaur Why become a sworn enemy of mankind, which can be hidden with a long list of history, let us trace the historical together to understand the culture and beliefs of the Centaur family.GW2 Gold.

Centaur is a species of hooves, have the characteristics of humans and horses at the same time, they live together often in the form of ethnic, now known ethnic groups, including five: Mo was Nepal (Modniir), and the tower Flamini (Tamini), Hala Xi (Harathi) and Crystal desert the Luo Shalu (Losaru) and Ilona Virgin Dona (Veldrunner). These groups, there are many small tribes can be said that they are a huge race in the entire Tyria continent, just like humans quantity. Ilona continent is completely surrounded, isolated, and so many people do not know where Centaur tribes.

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Centaur before is the most widely used one of the races of Tyria continent in the segment, and then they slowly replacing humans, the Centaur population only two. In the the 1072AE year, the two Centaur ethnic groups want the alliance, it planted the seeds of war, but failed due to human interference. Those years, human beings in order to expand their territory, constantly and Centaur fighting. In the recent period, the Mo too Niger Centaur's forces reached a peak, becoming the ethnic dominance, he strongly urged other the Centaur together to attack the residence of humanity in Kryta.