You will find our price will be most attractive

gw2goldsell Date: May/16/14 01:25:23 Views: 446


Since 2006, we have owned our company for over 6 years now. Reducing price is what we are doing all the time. Every one is customer in our life, we need to purchase from store or net everyday, we all do hope get best product with lowest price. You are free to compare our site to any other sites you will find our price will be most attractive.

The most worry for all customers is if the gold is confirmed to be manual or not. We can say 100% it is. One day, one customer came to us saying his account was banned because of gold made by bots. We asked him what place was guild wars 2 gold from. He said one of his friends in game traded with him. In the end, he said his friend supply 5000G per day to clients, then I know it is not possible for a normal customer, how he could get so much gold in one day. Only explanation is he made gold through bots. Only bots can make so much gold per day by himself, he was unable to finish it.

Be honest to say, we have large amount gold in stock every day not because we make them by bots, but we have a lots of gamers to make it through manual methods. Our staff works 24/7 for guild wars 2 gold. You can visit our Livechat support at any time to ask if gold is in stock.