Vocational skills to carry weapons decision

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In the the Tyria world, vocational skills without learning to NPC, but is determined by the weapons you carry. Whether you are a weapon on what kind of job, the equipment will automatically learn the weapons subsidiary vocational skills, beginning some of the skills in a locked state, but with the use of the weapon proficiency enhance skills will slowly unlock and after replacement of similar weapons no longer need to enhance proficiency. If you replace the different types of weapons, vocational skills will also switch.

"Guild Wars 2" skill bar is different from other games, only 10 keys, also means that only placed 10 skills, but it contains great wisdom.

"Guild Wars 2" skills divided into four skills determined by the weapon were to occupy the top five skills bar, the first three main hand weapon skills, after two deputies skills, the sixth treatment skills, seven or eight September three skill bar is universal, the last skill for the elite skills, relatively speaking, the power of a larger, longer skill CD time. These skills are needed to use the skill points to activate, they can decide a the career major attack, battlefield positioning.

"Guild Wars 2" top five skills are determined by your equipped weapon, then the skills you have learned in the five randomly selected entirely by their own mix and match.

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