Vocational skills across professional portfolio

gw2goldsell Date: May/16/14 01:25:23 Views: 273

When it comes to a combination of vocational skills, many people tend to think about the the skills cast of order, as well as the chance to trigger combos, but "Guild Wars 2" but to break the routine, vocational skills are not static, but by fighting the environmental impact can becombined. Skills portfolio includes two important parts: Start technology and finishing moves. Technology to establish the combination, starting and finishing moves to end. Almost all weapons have a similar set of starting techniques and finishing moves, regardless of what kind of career to choose which skills the explorers will have the opportunity to find and launch combos.

Can cross between different occupations combination of vocational skills, not only to strengthen the skills, also derived out of the hundreds of changes, so that the player selectivity greatly enhanced.

"Guild Wars 2" is an explorer's paradise, is also a competitive decisive shrine. Please show your athletic prowess, writing fighting new epic "Guild Wars 2"!

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