The world battlefield reproduction Three Kingdoms troubled times

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The four war zone, 24 points, 24 towers, 12 fortress and a castle, these elements constitute the "Guild Wars 2" the sheer size of the world war. Battlefield of the entire world can accommodate thousands of players of the three servers compete for three no man's land and an eternal battlefield, three servers, as anybody's game between the three countries. We have devised ingenious schemes, you come to me, true reproduction Three troubled times grand.

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Siege: Road without food, building catapults

In order to successfully and quickly capture the castle, you must first cut off the supply of resources within the castle, otherwise under the protection of the city walls, the castle can always maintain a powerful combat capabilities and firepower output. Therefore, after the surprise attack on the enemy, breaking the enemy's grain Road is the primary task. Tall walls is difficult to rely on human break, must have enough siege weapons Caixing bows cars, catapults, ballista, trebuchet also essential.

Defenders: the protection of resources and distance combat

And corresponding to the siege, the defenders of the players need to protect the supply of resources, because the resources related to the construction of the tower, defenders construction of weapons, such as the construction of cannons, mortars and pan, etc.. Remote with mortars, near the pan, also can use the resources to buy defensive upgrade, repair walls, towers and gates, and so on. Closely guarded resource fleet is a top priority of the key, the only way to create a the city full three-dimensional defense system, distance overlap combat, even in the necessary time to take the initiative to eliminate the invading enemy.

The core focus of the stone fog Castle: fighting

Stone fog castle is situated in the center of the eternal battlefield stone fog castle every 5 minutes 50 war points, while ordinary fortress produced only 25 points. It is the largest building in the world the battlefield, to occupy the most important core strategic position on all maps. Therefore as the most important strategic goals, Stone Fog fortress has the most rigorous defense, much harder to break than ordinary fortress.


At this time you need players to play the war wisdom, to compete for the stone fog castle. You can say who can occupy the stone fog castle, will come to the most access to the entire World War victory.

Sanshiliuji frequent, "Guild Wars 2" comprehensive presentation of the players of the war wisdom world war. Went into the troubled times of the three hegemony, to experience the passion of the armored cavalry!