The Tyria major mysterious organization decryption

gw2goldsell Date: May/16/14 01:25:23 Views: 580


"Guild Wars 2" mysterious organization affect each player, each player's personal story, more or less always come into contact with these mysterious organization, but the players may not know the purpose and responsibilities of these organizations, the followinglet us take a look at these organizations play what role in Tyria continent.


The night watchman is an across one of the Mission of the race, he is General chalcone Almorra Soulkeeper founded shortly after the formation of the Dragon imprint case after (crystal dragon flying over the earth). The night watchman is a very militant groups, they are directly involved in the battle with the ancient dragon addition nightwatchman fortress this stronghold lion arches there is a base, they believe the only way to defeat the ancient dragon unity of all races of Tyria.

Nightwatchman members be those people who need help, and darkness constantly fighting, and defenseless creatures provide assistance, regardless of the Servant of the dragon in any place, they will give their full dragon minions fighting, they always directlythe face of the enemy, and try their own strength, the ultimate challenge, to hone their own in this way, and hope to one day be able to defeat the ancient dragon. The nightwatchman everyone are convinced that the ancient dragon every day becomes stronger, the world will destroy the negative treatment, although some people see them as idealists, but they are serious about this world keep optimistic attitude will expect the worst side, they aspire to become a vanguard force resistance of dragon well as servants of.