The Kodan family from a distant northern family

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The polar bear family (Kodan) from a distant northern family, they have a high degree of wisdom, similar to the polar bear's appearance, they are also a highly civilized culture and spiritual race. Centuries, the polar bear family live in the city, the city is known as the "Holy Land", within the iceberg in the North.Their society to the tribes, and each tribe has its own iceberg and leader, the polar bear family, adherence to the laws of nature, live in the frozen polar, they still tradition with their own culture, when the frost dragon after awakening, they"Holy Land" Although there is no destruction of the magnificent icebergs from all directions crack spread ...


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Kodan looks similar to polar bears, often dressed in armor and red clothing, their life is still a mystery, said that some can survive for up to several centuries. Kodan living together in the temple, concerted action, and peaceful. They also occur controversies and disagreements, but unlike humans that would go beyond the "bottom line" in their view, the most important point of the individual needs to maintain balance, any Kodan desire can be replaced by other Kodan desire they encourage the sharing of resources, to help other people inside the temple, they are a very united race.

Polar bear family is perhaps the only one to understand the "balance" of the race, but the so-called balance in the end is what? The awakening of the dragon, also means that the balance? Perhaps the end of the world is the absolute balance the end of it? We will not know, but one thing is very clear, if you want to maintain the balance of the target, then this also means fighting and killing, with their own hands to find out the answer.