The Hill panwari family is a mystery

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The Hill panwari family is a mystery. They have a humanoid body plant life, they only recently to datatec Rhea, survived 25 years in this world. Them tightly together, with the same dream. No one knows why they suddenly appeared in Tyria, especially Hill Warri own, they have been looking to find live in this world. In all the races, they are the dragon, the most dangerous conscious, they often and Zhaitan undead puppet combat.

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Hill Warri's story begins with a human and a Sagittarius. The human with the the wiper war Shi Luonan, he and his team got separated, discovered a cave filled with strange seeds, this cave is a powerful biological guarded. He took a seed and take home to the family, know that the entire village was the pale mantle killed were only found them powerful force from the gods Dorset. He was very sad, the seed planted in their graves and vowed never to sword.

Ronan joined older men family where Terry, they have been constantly struggle. Them together to form a small tribe, and shelter to those looking for the Pure Land of hope in a world of violence. Tree covered with strange seeds tree becomes tall and proud in his branches beneath human and people Maping Jing's live. Troops in marble monument inscribed their skills, and they stand on a pale tree, with the passage of time, he became the oldest and most intelligent men.

This tree grows, eventually covering the area around this time that she began to bear fruit. In the center of the fruit gave birth to the first Hill Warri. When they were still pale tree sheltered her to sing for them and tell their own understanding of the world. The Pale Tree of dreams but also all Hill Warri dream: a dream about human life and human Ma Zhihui. Give birth to the first of these early gave birth to the son of future generations, they have had some understanding of the world and a desire to know more. Hill Warri blink looks much like a human, but soon will be able to find out the difference between. Their muscles by vines and leaves, their hair is the plants' leaves and petals, and their bones strong wood. The golden sap in vivo vines flow, pollen falling from the body. When they were born, is the adult form, with some of the world's knowledge. Their birthright with a noble sense and curiosity, eager to explore the world.

With of each Hill Warri on the world of exploration and learning, this knowledge back to the Pale Tree, and then sing the next generation to listen.