The ability to dodge during combat in Guild Wars 2

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The ability to dodge during combat is a deceptively simple mechanic, but one that can be critical to your survival and overall effectiveness in combat. In this guide we walk you through the basics of dodging, and provide details on the supporting boon, Vigor.

Early on in PvE you will be prompted with an on-screen tip that helps introduce you to your ability to dodge (shown below) and the default key mapping to do so. You can initiate a dodge roll by double-tapping any of the directional movement keys (WASD) to dodge in that direction, or by pressing the [V] key.

As noted above, the default key mapping for preforming a dodge is to double-tap one of the directional movement keys, or pressing the [V] key. You have the ability to alter this to another key of your choosing, which can also help you avoid accidentally dodging when you didn’t intend to. Nothing is worse than accidentally dodging off a platform it took you 20 minutes to reach while out exploring, after all!

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To alter the default mapping, open the Control Options window by pressing the [F11] key on your keyboard. From here you will be able to remap the dodge ability to another key of your choosing. For example, many players will map the dodge ability to one of the thumb buttons on their mouse which can be incredibly handy if you naturally prefer mouse movement to using the default keyboard controls.

Now that you have your preferred mapping set, I cannot stress enough how important it is to begin using the ability to dodge early on during combat. This is going to help you achieve two critical things:Knowing how and when to dodge in combat can mean the difference between staying alive and taking an untimely dirt nap;It will give you a better feel for how long it takes the dodge meter to replenish.