Talk About The Guild Wars 2 Social Flaws And Cheap GW2

gw2goldsell Date: May/16/14 01:25:23 Views: 445

Do you like playing Guild Wars 2? Where you think the advantages of Guild Wars 2? Or flaws of Guild Wars 2? After our staff and players exchange, we have summarized some flaws propose by our players. Let’s have a look together.

There is a flaw that maybe Guild Wars 2 should needs a Dungeon Finder. It's sad when a dungeon-finding tool is in such demand that players make entire new websites to fill the need. One even has an Android app. To my knowledge, at least, even Star Wars: The Old Republic never got that bad during its reluctant march to free-to-play and its eventual adoption of the controversial mechanic. I'm well aware that PvE in Guild Wars 2 is technically a secondary feature, but as I said in my review, it seems odd to omit a dungeon finder in a world that lets you jump between waypoints with all the ease of cutting and pasting a hyperlink. 

It's particularly worrisome these days: now that many players have reached the level cap, there are only a few looking to run the story-mode dungeons needed to unlock the harder explorable modes. Worse yet, I've been in multiple groups for story modes where level-80 leaders kicked level-appropriate players because they worry that their lack of experience will make their run harder than it needs to be.

There are arguments against dungeon-finders on the grounds they hurt community, but these days, I'm not convinced that standing in the middle of Lion's Arch and begging for a group is somehow more social than queueing in a tool. If anything, it's worse now with Guild Wars 2's otherwise entertaining Fractals of the Mists, as its "endless" structure leaves players on different tiers of progression. These days, at least on my server, 80% of the posts in Lion's Arch chat seem composed of these messages.