Siege warfare highlighting the true art of war

gw2goldsell Date: May/16/14 01:25:23 Views: 538

World war "Guild Wars 2" new paradigm called large-scale battle, four war zones, 24 resource points, 24 towers, 12 fortress and a castle, these elements constitute the "Guild Wars 2" the sheer size of the world war. The whole world battlefield 3 server can accommodate thousands of players simultaneously compete for. Three no man's land and an eternal battlefield, enough to make thousands of players across battlefields, hearty fight.

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War has offensive and defensive, offensive often required to put a more human and material resources. "Guild Wars 2" world war, siege warfare can be described as the pinnacle showcase of the art of war, members not only need to surmount need battlefield command observant seize fleeting fighter.

Whether you Association can enter the world war battlefield, of course, the power of the individual in such a large group fights is relatively small, so you need to keep up his teammates, to obey the deployment of battlefield command, resolutely carry out their tasks.