Sales Have Exceeded 300 Million

gw2goldsell Date: May/16/14 01:25:23 Views: 663

"Guild Wars 2" sales have exceeded 300 million copies, created a miracle again!

"Guild Wars 2" game director Colin Johanson mentioned also the latest Bowen, "Guild Wars 2" before listing in August 2012, more than one million copies sold, and in mid-September 2012 Hot sales almost equal to 2,000,000copies, and now sales is exceeded three million mark.

Johanson also Bowen mentioned in the 2013 update plan. ArenaNet in 2013, the goal is to maintain the elements of the highly acclaimed game, and strive to make last year's results are unsatisfactory gaming features, can be perfected in the new year.

In the new year, ArenaNet will also focus on strengthening and expanding "Guild Wars 2" achievement system. Johanson said, players can look forward to new rewards and achievements, and after a day there will be a different daily achievements.

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ArenaNet are working daily accomplishments preparation of a sub-group, for example, if today six daily tasks to do, players only need to complete one of the four can. This ensures that players select the most interesting tasks autonomously.

Johanson also revealed new Guild Wars 2 Guild system players can look forward to in 2013, they have started the new model allows guild members to do a task together. Over time, ArenaNet will for this task system, exploring the various guild awards, the mission of the Association even Association of tools.

Johanson guarantee to all players, 2013 ArenaNet will be based on the core vision of "Guild Wars 2" in the construction of the world continue to strengthen and perfect the entire game, "Guild Wars 2" game experience is always different from other online games. Guild Wars 2 "China operations team is also accelerating the localization progress, we provide the perfect gaming experience to the national players as the goal, and will continue efforts to achieve the target!