Restore the true sense of the battle to change your view battle

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"Guild Wars 2" semi-lock mode of operation combined with a high degree of freedom of the athletic games and combating flu, while avoiding the difficult sight class non-locking mode, can be said to be the most fit players accustomed to the operation and restore the true sense of the battle battle mode, fighting to focus more on skills and go places. Even in PVE, tumbling skills to escape the monster has become a very important issue.

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Removable cast fighting constantly walk

"Guild Wars 2", most of the skills are in the running cast your casting read the article how long can walk side side cast. The degree of freedom has always been decisive factors affect combat experience, and "Guild Wars 2" in the degrees of freedom of the fighting has been reached smoothly and as the realm of the arbitrary. Street a stone, a stick or a wrench in the toolbox, you can become your weapon. Each weapon, not the strict sense should be tools, has its corresponding attacks and skills, there is no strict limit hunters only with bows and arrows, Master only with Staff.

Jump and dodge skills fighting more realistic

Combat environment and the operation is fully liberalized, tumbling, jumping, mobile post moves, all the necessary means to escape the skills, but does not affect your casting. Double-click the arrow keys twice rolling in that direction a short distance, not only can be used to dodge spells, can also be opened or shorten the distance between each other. Underwater battle is more unique position to compete, attack moves are completely different and onshore.

Team battle skills with key

"Guild Wars 2" skill system is very easy to learn. Your basic skills from the weapons you use, then you can attack from a lot of skills, treatment skills, vocational skills and devastating elite skill, chosen arbitrarily, free combination.

"Guild Wars 2" in all occupations are skilled in battle, without exception. Because each occupation are versatile and have a wide variety of skills and abilities, battlefield in various occupational mix becomes irrelevant.

You can also team up with other players with the combination of the batter skills, these skills are often hurt amazing, the fight against the enemy effect is particularly evident, for example, shot arrows through the firewall after the Firebolt, or through the dark field, to become a life stealing arrows.

Overall, Guild Wars 2 combat system infinitely close to the real world, so that players can really feel the ultimate battle experience!