Ranger is the bow and arrow experts

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Ranger is the bow and arrow experts. They rely on keen vision, strong hands and powerful natural forces kill target. Their loyal pets distracting the enemy makes the Ranger can attack at a safe distance. As explorers occupation, Ranger dressed in armor.

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Ability:Animal partners for Ranger career exclusive. These animal companion is a Ranger with combat pet, the players switch their behavior patterns through a special user interface, and can also send a direct instruction (excluding the use of their skills). Ranger has four animal companion, each battle can only use one of them. Ranger can switch to a different pet to adapt to different fighting.

The level of the animal partners attribute values ​​(the value of life, armor, damage, etc.) based on the Ranger property values​​. Animal companion has four skills (cats, of which three skills by it belongs Division decided the bear family, etc.), and a skills (brown bear, black bear, and it belongs to the type of decision).

Ranger, and some animal partners, can be equipped with stealth skills, but a very limited number of these skills.