Play games every heart there is a free heart

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Play games every heart there is a free heart, as the characters in the game for another own, eager to be free to experience the game according to their own ideas. But the reality is that most games since R & D start had set the development direction of a good game, the game will receive a variety of boxed constraint role in the growth process, such as vocational skills learning to the NPC, will always be a model do the task to the NPC access task to go to complete. But "Guild Wars 2" available, gave us a new direction. A successful game must have its own main line, and view of the world, which inevitably limit the freedom of the players, but "Guild Wars 2" another way to join the many free DIY features, such as dynamic systems, custom roles appearance, free combination of vocational skills , cross-occupational skill sets, and so on, the players as much as possible to be able to experience the game according to their own wishes.

Super large role setting system, free DIY roles shape.

Everyone wants to be unique, and certainly want to be able to be free to set up for the role of occupation, appearance, hairstyle, body shape, in line with their own preferences, "Guild Wars 2" super large role to set the system to do perfectly to this point. Guild Wars 2 has five races, each race has a gender-specific, and each character has eight career, so there will be a whole eighty choice, and the choice of the people set is also a variety of including the eyes, nose, mouth, ears, and even his chin, tattoos, clothing, color, etc., twelve different options, each one contains 78 different details, more than one hundred kinds of details of any you pick to create the role of the beloved easy!guild wars 2 gold