Overall Conversion System Allows Your Style They Please

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Each of us has his own personality, and wish I could be different, the best have their own style, like Lady Gaga as fashionable. Each of the people who play the game, who want to turn their own game role playing another own, has its own distinct personality and style, distinctive pursuit of one of the most gamers.

I believe that many people have encountered this trouble: a property of very good equipment in the game, but the shape of the equipment and is not in line with their own aesthetic requirements, equipment worn himself meet the aesthetic requirements but the property is slightly worse than some, the choice of which one is really difficult to choose. "Guild Wars 2" will not be trouble. "Guild Wars 2" super large equipment systems to create an infinitely close to the real world, each piece of equipment can be stained, but also replace the shape, the shape of each the Tyria world explorers who are unique!

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Equipment, property and the same shape arbitrarily change: "Guild Wars 2" has its own original equipment deformation system, players can according to their own wishes to the style of their armor and weapons designed to be different from others. The world of Guild Wars 2 "between the equipment and the equipment can shape replacement, players can own property and equipment and equipment combine beautiful shape, so do the equipment" external "and" internal " very attractive. Savings to the maximum extent of equipment resources, avoid waste, but also save the time and effort of the players, has multiple purposes.

To to avoid Zhuangshan, create personalized style: equipment "deformation" system players wore equipment to encounter "Zhuangshan" the situation can not be avoided. Therefore, "Guild Wars 2" and build equipment dyeing system, in order to avoid the embarrassment of players and equipment looks no different. The specific staining system allows each player can dyeing operation for their role in clothing, hair, and other elements, enjoy to create their own personalized style! When you start the game, the players can use 11 colors, these colors for each race are different. As the game progresses, the more color to unlock before up to a total of 254 kinds of color can choose!

"Guild Wars 2" shape transform system you want as they please, like Gaga anywhere easily turned fashion Daren. All the time, all kinds of equipment are staged with Metamorphoses, which allows players to freely create their own beloved role!