Named 2012 best online game Guild Wars 2 re winning

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2012 has entered the end of each game media also began to sum up this year's game works, vote out those who show the best of the game, the famous European and American online news site Massively also selected the best online games in 2012, Let's take a look together.

2012 best online games

The best online games in 2012: "Guild Wars 2" The second: "mysterious world"

Reviews: "Guild Wars 2" is a great game, has a lot of bright spot, enough for many players to indulge them. "Mysterious world" poor sales, but the game has created a unique way, allowing the player to read the novel like the movie experience games.

2012 the best piece of information

2012 best game piece of information: the space-time rift: Storm Legion "second:" EVE: punishment

Reviews: the expansion of the space-time rift "very good value, and adding two new continent, four new soul, there is a wide variety of new content, new content and even more than the original content. "EVE: punishment added a lot of fun to play, bounty hunters appear to also make the game more variables.

Best non-traditional online games

2012 best non-traditional online games: Planetary marginal "second:" Torchlight 2 "

Reviews: "Planet marginal 2" can be called in the history of the best FPS online games, to play with people hooked, in terms of what kind of selection, "Torchlight 2" should be a place, because it is too good a.

2012 the most underrated online games

2012 most underrated games: "mysterious world" Second: "Star Wars OL"

Review: "mysterious world" has a lot of innovation, it can be considered to be a new era of online games, but a lot of players still accustomed to the old game mode, thus missed this works. And "Star Wars OL" has been a lot of media demonized Although it is very old, but the highlights on the story line and voice still commendable.

2013 most anticipated online

The works of the most anticipated in 2013: "wilderness the Planet" second: Ancient Century

Review: Wilderness Planet colorful American comic style and various humorous set everywhere really exciting, "Ancient Century" is a very unique piece, it showed some of the characteristics of people unforgettable.

2012 best game studios

The performance of the best game studios in 2012: SOE and ArenaNet

Reviews: SOE has been to create a variety of excellent online games, including "EverQuest" and "EverQuest 2" and "Planet marginal", they really done a very good job. ArenaNet in to create a "battle" and then produce more excellent "Guild Wars 2", which is really a very not easy.

2012 online games industry's most sensational event

The most sensational event in the online games industry in 2012: the disintegration of the studio's 38 second: "Star Wars OL announced free

Review: "the Amara Kingdom: punishment" is a good stand-alone game, "Amara Kingdom OL" appears to have a bright future, who would have thought such a bright studio bankrupt? The "Star Wars OL" EA and countless players look forward to, it is ambitious to challenge Warcraft, but only operational for a year and transformation of the free because of the sharp drop in the number of online gamers.