Lyssa Is Tyria Continent's First Mesmer

gw2goldsell Date: May/16/14 01:25:23 Views: 485

Lisa (Lyssa) represents the beauty and illusion myriad changes represent the impermanence of things, and the universe, she was called "twin goddesses of beauty and fantasy, also the mentor of Mesmer. Lisa image is portrayed as the one pair of twins hugged each other, they are tightly nestled together, a kind of hazy beauty, people can not touch, legend young man saw her, it will be because of her beauty and restless, so miss the extreme died. However, the real world rarely witnessed the true face of the goddess Lisa, the legend she often becomes mortal like to show people the image of ordinary people, and sometimes she even deliberately choose to become a very easy people neglect even the people disgust image to test people's good and evil. Lisa goddess unparalleled beauty, she did know that "beauty" is the root of evil in the world on many, the world is too much emphasis on appearance while ignoring the inner essence of her felt unable to accept, she not only strict demands on themselves, also requires believers not blinded by appearance, do not care about the appearance of ugly and beauty.


Mesmer is of Tyria very special a group, they are also the goddess Lisa's followers, many acting genius often use Yirong Shu and illusion to deceive the people around them, but do not think that Mesmerjust a little trick that will be changing, and the fact that they are powerful Wizard. Them to companion the Magic control, can control each other's spell, they can not release the magic. The Mesmer generally lived a noble life, but to the average person's identity is being hidden in the marketplace, because this is the lifestyle of Lisa goddess.