Lions Gate Guard is a military organization

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Lions Gate Guard is a military organization, responsible for the the guard lion arches and around the region, they have also Kryta's defenders. About 250 years ago, the Lions Gate guards to usurp power white cloak. In after Kryta war, Lions Gate guards almost other forces replaced by Lions Gate guards today is not the official organization, but they are still protected lion arches of the people, can be said that the guidelines they left a hundred years ago, dedication is their motto.

Lions Gate guards not only protect the people, and also to protect the safety of Tyria, because a lot of dealers came here. They are the authority, the most important city pirates blood the hands of Magnus Lions Gate Guard leaders, but also the execution of the powers and functions of the organization within the arches of lions. Lions Gate guards are still seats baby Mountains some shelters used to protect trade among regions.

Lions Gate Guard

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