Lion arches city's residents and its buildings as a mixed bag

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Lion arches is extremely important from the point of view the story of the game "Guild Wars 2". The main plot of the game is to be dispersed organization to unite together to fight against a more powerful enemy: ancient dragon. If fragmented, no race will be able to escape the the dragon awakening brought destruction. Only cooperation Tyria all races can be survived.

Lion arches have ceased to exist, it only memories by surviving walls under those waves rising from aure. When the undead dragon (Zhaitan) sank has long aure back to the ground, in the sea of ​​sadness surrounding land are washed by waves, lion arches was almost completely destroyed. Situ left under a swamp, filled with broken vessel, the remains of broken trees and a variety of organisms. After centuries of development, a new town built by pirates to find a safe haven, salvage personnel will be washed ashore the flotage jettisoned objects recycled again, and quickly developed into a world trade center.

Guild Wars 2

Lion arches city's residents and its buildings as a mixed bag. In aure rising, it is a human city, Coretta city. Dominated floods uprooted the house, after the to Hull wreckage replaced by a group of people of the past, they are a coastal area of the brothers will only seek a safe haven in the overturning of the world. The crew of the pirate ship survival, ruled piece of the ruins, while their captain to become the first leader. Results lion arches into parliament by captains who ruled the city, local morality and legality of other big cities are far more flexible space.