Level Due To Environmental Change

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"Guild Wars 2" world, the player's level is no longer fixed, but with the environment constantly changes. Dynamic level adjustment system based on the role of the area where the change reaches the area of a 10 character level attributes, such as when a practical level for 50 roles, his attributes will automatically reduce the equivalent to 10 roles effective level. "The effective level green digital display next to the actual level of the players, also the hero on the panel below the actual level. Changes in property values ​​will be the hero panel next to the property value is displayed in green text. A practical level to the role of the 30 World battlefield (WvW), character level will be automatically upgraded to 80. It can be said that the dynamic rating system for all players to create a balanced PK environment, players must rely on their athletic prowess to win the final victory.

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In many games, a career is only a set of skills, and the need to upgrade the level slowly learning vocational skills, "Guild Wars 2", you do not need cumbersome ran NPC to learn vocational skills, vocational skills byyou carry a weapon to decide a career can often switch between a variety of weapons, which means that you can experience the many sets of vocational skills, perhaps before the moment you are holding a melee weapon in close combat, and the next moment you switch for remoteweapons and long-range shooting, all of this is just simply switch weapons can easily achieve.