Hylek is one of the most ugly battle 2 species

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Haq Rana (Hylek) the divers on Tyria family, can say that they are one of the more ugly species in this world, they began shortly before all over the coast in a sea of ​​sadness. In the near past, they used to be reclusive family, they are very despise other races, but Huck the frogs who was very happy to trade or exchange with other races. Huck frog is recognized manufacturing poisons and detoxification masters, they are famous alchemist, in some respects the ability not inferior to arrogant asura.

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The Huck frog's physiological: They had a huge mouth, there is a long tongue, they are the Ilona of Huck frog (Heket) offspring. Amphibian species, they are able to live in any waters, but prefer to live in a swamp. Huck frog body has full of venom glands course they have immunity, like those poison frog in real life. Huck frog's fecundity is very strong, but life is very short, and they usually die in war or hunger, and rarely live to see the 40-year-old Huck frog.

Culture and beliefs of Huck frog: Huck frogs are in accordance with the color of the body is divided into more than one tribe, the different colors represent different venom, a member of a tribe may include tens to hundreds of Huck frog. They will defend their territory, so each tribe are separate groups, and sometimes they would go to war with each other for a piece of territory, the outsider, they seem to be a warlike race. The tribal elderly usually do not care much about the growth of small Huck frog, they think only be able to be able to have the ability to live on their own in the harsh natural.

Haq Rana attaches great importance to the alchemists, they have attainments in this field, even proud Asura highly of Huck frog alchemical, they sometimes accept Haq Rana as the alchemist colleagues. However, in other areas, compared to other races, Huck frog is still very backward. Huck frogs do not believe in the existence of God, the sun as a symbol of divine, Huck frog, sun, both maintain life, is a symbol of abundance, but also is a source of drought and famine. They are held each year in mid-February celebration to celebrate the day grow older or getting short. Each tribe has at least one priest. These priests will be in accordance with their interpretation of the sun and the sky to predict changes in the weather, knowing when it will rain, the drought will last long. In Huck frog the tribe, whether priests of the sun can be interpreted to become the most important factor of a Huck frog tribe could not prosper.