Hey all so I just came back to GW2 since release

gw2goldsell Date: May/16/14 01:25:23 Views: 324

Hey all so I just came back to GW2 since release and I rolled up an elementalist and I am having a blast (pun intended) playing fire staff with him. Although I had a couple questions if anyone could help me out!

I can confirm you at the begin is was for me also confusing. And I also stick at fire, due the higher damage output. Even when I hit lvl80 on green + rare gear.Cheap GW2 Gold.

But afterward, when I realy start going in depth (also more PVP) I realise how much “more” output you can get by switching from attuement to attuement.


a simple exmaple why switching is a surplus: cooldowns:

if you stick on 1 attuement you’ll end up with at least 2-3sec (or more) on your autoattack, which is not your strongest attack.

as staff your job is also supporting your team. and fire isn’t the best way to support them.



eart 2 (= blast finisher) can conbine with water 2 (extra healing), fire 2 (might stacking)

personaly, I kept my attuement on the f1-f4

but if it’s because the button are too far away, so it make you feel the laziness, then you always can keybind them. I know people use alt+1 – 4, shift+ 1-4, e,r,y,u (direction buttoen are tfgh), etc etc

While for the most part I can agree with everyone that attunement switching can be very useful, it is possible to trait an elementalist so that optimum DPS is achieved simply by never leaving either fire or earth attunement. Guild Wars 2 Gold.

Less so for water and air attunement, though a water-specific build could work for underwater combat… which is so little of the game that it’s more or less worthless, but as a thought experiment it seems like it could be interesting.

However, you should take care to at least learn what every attunement on your weapon is capable of – even if you build your ele so staying in fire is the best option for DPS, the other attunements all offer unique utility and survival abilities.