Guild Wars 2 Update On January 28

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"Guild Wars 2" R & D team recently announced the contents of the January 28 update, upgrade and adjustment of multiple systems within the game will be to further enrich the game content below for details:

The northern part of the sky slump, the earth tremble. From the Farstrider the mound with the end of Yesha Heights chalcone and Norn are suffering from the pain of the victims, surviving refugees who rushed south to find the land of refuge, and now we issued a call to the people who are willing to help the victims ...

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Static Wind Shrine of the week: from January 28 until February 4, the traditional 8 Team / 3 rounds payment Championship will be replaced by the 2 teams / 1 Round paid Championships, and was held at the the calm wind Shrine map ( The existing version of one of the PVP mode map). A week later, the PVP events will end, we will calm wind Shrine was added to the official Championship (includes free and paid) map pack.

Strengthen the system of achievement: we will add a new the daily achievements cycle list, increase the daily achievements diversity, to encourage players to explore the open world. Week, every day you will see a different daily achievements, achievements UI layout of the new design will make you become more convenient check achievement progress.

New achievements Laurel: complete daily and monthly achievements can you win these new crown achievement! Hastened to take these Laureate to exchange new sublimation equipment and perfusion!

VIP system: the promotion of the new VIP system, you do not need to serve, and the different server friends play together (can not be spanned - North America, Europe, for two different regions). The VIP system is free, relatively to serve gem pay system, so make sure that you go to before January 28, the one you want permanent homes to be down the server!

The new General perfusion with to sublimation necklace: we added a series of new equipment in order to purchase players achievements Laurel. Currently, there are five general perfusion and 30 sublimed necklace to choose from, suitable for different style of game players.

More upgrades and improvements: This month we will made the game more perfect, such as the strengthening of the overall performance of the War of the Worlds, to adjust some neighboring balanced, UI interface perfect, in our version of the new interest rates in detail.

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This is a new year, which means that there will be new props and redesigned "players Favorites" appear in the gem Mall! Childhood Kun Burgundy backpack riding a broom or revised joy box, these will also appear in the new gems Mall!