Guild Wars 2 underground city is not just ordinary underground city

gw2goldsell Date: May/16/14 01:25:23 Views: 421

"Guild Wars 2" underground city is not just ordinary underground city, because she will be the dynamic event system into the underground city. Dungeons occurs in story mode and exploration mode dynamic events, these events will be triggered because of the player's choice, or other factors. Even if the explorers in the same dungeons to explore, choose the same option, will because these random trigger the dynamic events and get completely different gaming experience.

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The events in the story mode will lead to new challenges in the exploration mode generation, while also greatly increase the difficulty of these challenges, more stringent test team. If your team successfully completed the story mode of the underground city, will unlock exploration mode. From three routes you can choose your own route, a choice will have a different dungeons, new area, new challenges, and more terrifying monster.

Those who dare to challenge the "Guild Wars 2" underground city team, will face enormous risks, but the rewards are also huge. That each underground city has a unique weapons and equipment. Such as those obtained from the haunted tomb of Ascalon armor, will and armor sorrow owned underground city, and also different from the test Dix manor found equipment.

"Guild Wars 2" underground city will give those who organized the team of explorers bring epic challenges, so that they can more deeply explore Tyria secret.