Guild Wars 2 Thieves Entry Compulsory On The Choice Of Weapons

gw2goldsell Date: May/16/14 01:25:23 Views: 486

Guild Wars 2

As a thief, do not play Guild Wars 2, we must first choose their own weapons applicable.However Cipian only thieves little analysis, while the younger brother will be a unit of the main hand weapon. Ado into the topic: 

Main hand sword: 
1. 3 strikes have weak reducer 
2. 600 yards shadow step lock enemy can be 1200 yards the shadow return Plunge 1 state 
3. Evasive skills (but a little bugs ... not always around to the back .. sometimes lateral movement ...) 
4. 900 yards skills target deceleration 
5. Stealth + Sunder

The main hand dagger: 
1. Second strike back tumbling energy, hit 3 toxic 
2. 450 yards chase the enemy below 50% plus attack, the enemy less than 25% of the blood to further strengthen 
3. short evaded low straight hurt high bleeding 
4. stealth + Sunder 

Main Pistol: 
1. in direct injury bloodshed 
2. Sunder 
3. Instant and personal enemies opened 
4. Stealth + Sunder