Guild Wars 2 The Great Centaur Ventari

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Centaur before is the most widely used one of the races of Tyria continent in the segment, and then they slowly replacing humans, the Centaur population only two. In the the 1072AE year, the two Centaur ethnic groups want the alliance, it planted the seeds of war, but failed due to human interference. Those years, human beings in order to expand their territory, constantly and Centaur fighting. In the recent period, the Mo too Niger Centaur's forces reached a peak, becoming the ethnic dominance, he strongly urged other the Centaur together to attack the residence of humanity in Kryta.

GW2 Gold

Two-and-a-half centuries ago, glutenin-Mart jungle inhabited by a great Centaur him that unlike most of the Centaur, he hated the violence of war drowned Centaur and human So where Terry drought glutenin Mary jungle the high places to build a camp, where he helped people displaced by war.GW2 Gold. When war engulfed his homeland, where Terry was forced to flee to the gray coast of the South, where he helped a man named Ronan human. They planted the Pale Tree, and build a shelter that allows all races to live in peace. Where Terry died 1180AE years, he was dying to write their own life experiences in a single stone, and then placed under the pale tree. This stele was later known as "where Terry Stone, from the pale tree birth Hill Warri have regarded this stone as their doctrine, and guidelines of the act.