Guild Wars 2 skill bar is different from other games

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In many games, a career is only a set of skills, and the need to upgrade the level slowly learning vocational skills, "Guild Wars 2", you do not need cumbersome ran NPC to learn vocational skills, vocational skills byyou carry a weapon to decide a career can often switch between a variety of weapons, which means that you can experience the many sets of vocational skills, perhaps before the moment you are holding a melee weapon in close combat, and the next moment you switch for remoteweapons and long-range shooting, all of this is just simply switch weapons can easily achieve.

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"Guild Wars 2" skill bar is different from other games, only 10 keys, also means that only placed 10 skills, but it contains great wisdom.

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"Guild Wars 2" skills divided into four skills determined by the weapon were to occupy the top five skills bar, the first three main hand weapon skills, after two deputies skills, the sixth treatment skills, seven or eight September three skill bar is universal, the last skill for the elite skills, relatively speaking, the power of a larger, longer skill CD time. These skills are needed to use the skill points to activate, they can decide a the career major attack, battlefield positioning.