Guild Wars 2 share big hard and long Guardian

gw2goldsell Date: May/16/14 01:25:23 Views: 364

Recent Guardian really is more and more, I could not help but to train to a guardian. Guild Wars 2 though is to jump out of a set of professional Iron Triangle, but under a copy to human shields when playing BOSS is really tiring many. Keeper Build, so here to share with you this no brains hard and for a long time to the players of the English bitter hand shortened time to explore.

Build mainly on secondary talent in of Zeal 15 points 25 points coupled with the main talent of Honor, the largest symbol (symbol) strengthen. So big (symbols increase) and hard (the schistosomiasis control extra high plus Hammer permanent protection) and long (symbol duration becomes longer)!

Skills with Symbol: big sword 4 strokes, Otsuchi move under 3, one-handed hammer strokes, hands and stick 3 strokes, Zeal the 5:00 features, Zeal III.

This set of the BUILD advantages:

1, blood 20K the UP, armor nearly 3K to get rid of the impression Guardian universal blood

2, attatk 3K UP even without crit can hit some damage talent Zeal 15 (symbol Sunder) 25 (symbol plus damage) but also additional extra output, another BUILD in the wild SOLO is also very easy.

3, no enhanced point-slot skill talent slots skills can change over fighting slots (not tied slot skills)

4, symbol increase basically hit king most step to get the symbol into the war angle (especially in the big hammer output hang near continuous protection feed war angle)


1, the big sword Otsuchi large stick is basically 3 2 reuse (Mace barely eat symbol points out features but eat less than a two-handed weapon CD-20%) with one hand / offhand weapon almost with less than a point out here characteristics of each of the

2, remote comparative lack of damage (not token enhanced features)

3, no enhanced point-slot skill talent slot skill intensity on weak

4, the equipment is relatively difficult to obtain (PTV orange fitted to brush a copy of a small time around (equipment + weapon lasts 1800 brand) PTV jewelry series orange necklace 2XG orange ring 2XG earrings only the WVW exchange for the Rune (crest of soldier) also best yellow)