Guild Wars 2 Quake Mjolnir Synthesis Guide

gw2goldsell Date: May/16/14 01:25:23 Views: 575

Guild Wars 2 element of division can create five different environmental weapons, Earth Shield, Fire Axe, Frost Bow the Quake and deficit inflammation Sword, it stands to reason that the five weapons are corresponding toweapon recipe, because before I share the red inflammation Greatsword recipe, I'm going to share with you today is an environmental weapon recipe Quake Mjolnir, shape is also very cool, of course, the huge cost. Here is the recipe:

Quake Mjolnir: Eldritch the Scroll * 1 (buy side of the furnace that sister NPC called Miyani 50 skill points) Mystic Coin * 100 Charged Lodestone * 250 Gift of Lightning * 1 Gift of Lightning (legendary Swords of material one): Orichalcum Ingot * 250 Bolt of Gossamer * 250 Charged Lodestone * 100 (basic by buying their own brush to brush to one of these years) Gift of Ascalon (500 of AC brand change)

Reading the recipe there did not feel the chrysanthemum a tight feeling 350 Charged Lodestone, that is calculated according to the current price of 3.72 gold 1302 gold, small silent or directly advise everyone to do the legendary bar.

Quake Mjolnir

Then take a look at the shape of Quake cool tyrants pull it!