Guild Wars 2 Its Innovative Game Is Set To Break The Traditional

gw2goldsell Date: May/16/14 01:25:23 Views: 331

"Guild Wars 2" as a cross-age MMO epic, its innovative game set to break tradition, is no longer a single player game established design to experience the game, but the use of a dynamic system allowing the player with the entireinteractive game world, "Guild Wars 2" has become a "live" game all the time in the player's actions and change.Players can rely on their own in the game as to influence the game world, and even change the game world. Bid farewell to the day-to-day brush copy of the era, clear mission, your actions to writing the Tyrian continent's history now!

Guild Wars 2 development team believes that too much emphasis on a single set of the professional role is not fair for players, so the "Guild Wars 2" on the left next three occupations: Damage vocational, supported employment and control of occupational, althoughoccupational therapy, but there is no full-time each occupation has its own treatment skills. Thanks to the weapon to determine the skill set, coupled with the "Guild Wars 2" custom unique skill system, the player can freely mix the appropriate skills, instantaneous switching between three occupations, such as a guardian can instantly the state held a one-handed weapon and shield switch for hands weapons state, adjusting the combination of custom skills to complete the career transition from the control of occupational injury. If your operation is sharp enough you can take any position in the ranks, totally dependent on the individual's ability to lead the team to victory!