Guild Wars 2 is about your story

gw2goldsell Date: May/16/14 01:25:23 Views: 344

"Guild Wars 2" is about your story. Your choices determine your personal story line development, thousands of possibilities, so that each player can have a unique experience.

When you create a role, your personal epic has already begun. The choice you made ​​at the beginning of the game, such as race, occupation, five starting map, different skills, weapons, ability to get way will affect your personal epic. However, across race and occupation, "Guild Wars 2" personal epic into personal biography details in the character creation.

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When you build your character, you will need to select from a series of personal biographical details and the formation of the personality of your character, history, hopes and dreams. You create a character selected personal biographical details will determine your personal story line, which each branch choice, will take you to a whole new direction.

Your personal epic by more than one chapter of the story to tell, just for a single role. If you need a little help, you can always invite your friends and your experience with your personal epic. As a guest star, these players can help you, but this is still your epic, you need to do every key decision.GW2 Gold

Guild Wars 2 so that players will not only have a wide range of people to interact, but also to their own custom play based on the stories of individual choice. Either epic or personal, we hope that the players in Guild Wars 2 world can tell their stories. So, we try to provide a variety of tools and content to help players reach this point.

Great world events, we brought to life in "Guild Wars 2" story line, and the role - now we only required is you.