Guild Wars 2 in a total of six backpacks

gw2goldsell Date: May/16/14 01:25:23 Views: 700

Either a MMORPG game, backpacks certainly must have good backpack for each grade stage first need to address the demand! Friends pull you play will certainly give you a few backpacks, you know. In the world of Guild Wars 2 ", a total of six kinds of backpacks.

Ordinary backpack:

4 grid backpack (with 32 copper directly buy)

8 cell pack 

20 cell pack

The the ordinary backpack only provide a different number of items lattice, there's really nothing Next we see the Guild Wars 2 world special backpack.

GW2 Gold

Special backpack:

Material package (the 8-20 grid, tailor made): just making materials will first be placed here.

Waterproof bag (8-20 cell the leather division produced): just junk items will first be placed here.

Steel backpack (8-20 cells, production) A casting division: newly acquired weapons and armor will first be placed here.

Moe the dog package, do not know how can make!

Exterior backpack:

Are decorated class is called the exterior backpack is back in the role display. Legend, this is the only engineer professional to enjoy the exclusive backpack, and other career only looked envious friends.