Guild Wars 2 Guardian dedication fighter

gw2goldsell Date: May/16/14 01:25:23 Views: 346

The Guardian is a fighter with dedication, they draw strength from their own virtues, protecting allies, blow the enemy. True guardian is an outstanding strategist and selfless defender, they will know when to sacrifice their own "protection" to help his comrades to victory.

Guardians can choose to give up the virtues gain effect, bring the power of these protective nearby companions. These skills both in leading an attack, or to assist in the defense team flanking the guardian is the perfect support.

Justice:The justice the fire burning the enemies of the Guardian. After each five attacks by the virtues of "justice", the Guardian can burn opponents.

Courage:With the virtues of "courage", the guardian can ignore the powerful blow. Every 40 seconds of this virtue into effect once the guardian will receive the Divine Shield intensive care, to block the next attack.

Determination:Through the virtues of "determination", the guardian of the passive regeneration of the value of life, which makes them able to energies a hundred times into battle, even the most dangerous of the battle, they can safely survivors.

Keeper has a series of special types of skills to choose from. Here are two representative type of skills:

Soul of soldiers:The guardian over time Summon soul weapons to fight for themselves. Before disappearing soul soldiers launched a strong attack according to the instructions. For example, you can manipulate the wisdom Hammer disappear before it will enemy knocked to the ground.

Battle tsunami:War Xiao, the guardian can be assisted in the range of audible or interfere with the enemy. Like "hold the Front!" Such a defensive war Xiao make nearby allies protection and recovery effects.