Guild Wars 2 Grawl history and prototype introduced

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Grawl similar to the great apes, they are primitive humanoid race, first appeared in Ascalon, and lived there. Although their IQ is not very high, but still retains the unique culture of the tribe, and now their footprints all over the homes of chalcone seats baby of the southern end of the mountains.

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Grawl, in essence, is the great apes, they're like chimpanzees, as in real life, but the size is slightly larger than the human. Neanderthals biped body are rough gray hair coverage. Some anthropologists believe that they are a branch of the chalcone, but on the contrary, chalcone scholars that Neanderthals, to some extent, and human.

Grawl society, faith is the most important part, we can say that the source of all the tribes of the Grawl in multiple shaman led combined shaman leader of both the leadership of their spiritual world. manage their daily lives. Grawl did not know how to farm, their main living grazing will go, in addition to hunting and gathering, if necessary, they will be extracted from some of the waste out of useful things. But one thing is very strange, the Grawl, often grazing, but they seem to never go deliberately tame those livestock ...