Guild Wars 2 full liberalization of the traditional restrictions

gw2goldsell Date: May/16/14 01:25:23 Views: 467

I do not know how many people remember the movie "Braveheart" Wallace that a cry: "Freedom! , Every soul who yearn for freedom, eager to get rid of all restraint, especially in the game world. Each players yearn for freedom, the desire to freely swim in the game world. But the reality is often game developers are all set outside the box constraint players the freedom to experience, only in accordance with the established line experience in the game, there is no autonomy. How many years, how many games are waiting for a free games, by virtue of their own behavior to affect the game world, like a life-like autonomous "live" game, and now "Guild Wars 2" has brought a new dawn.

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"Guild Wars 2" to break with tradition is famous for the game dynamic system, vocational skills system or character set system, not take the unusual way, the full liberalization of the traditional restrictions, lead free new trend!