Guild Wars 2 engineer can be described as a walking arsenal

gw2goldsell Date: May/16/14 01:25:23 Views: 375

As master Machinery Manufacturing destruction, engineers like to play with explosives, alchemical potions and the various filled with dangerous tools. Erection of forts, they can quickly control an area, alchemy weapons support comrade-in-arms, or massive mines, explosives and hand grenades to destroy the enemy.

Engineers can be described as a walking arsenal, they carry all the weapons used to control the battlefield. Special toolkit and turret, they can enhance their offensive and defensive capabilities.

Kit:When the engineer activated weapons kit, they will be equipped on many professional weapons, reversed the situation of the war. Such as the flamethrower Kit allows engineers to obtain the relevant skills and remote flame attacks.

Haversack Kit:When engineers equipped multifunctional toolkit, they will be picking up a backpack current weapon skills will be replaced by a series of special skills. For example, the bomb toolkit allows engineers to use a wide variety of bombs: from the smoke bombs, concussion bombs, firebombs.

Fort:Engineers can use the fort, this pointing device to help engineers defense and control of an area. For example, engineers can be equipped with a bombardment forts, damage to all enemies within the area, or restored to a treatment tower near his comrades life. Engineer is able to put away or move the fort, but at the same time, each type of fort existence of only one.