Guild Wars 2 elements so versatile caster

gw2goldsell Date: May/16/14 01:25:23 Views: 400

Elements so versatile caster, they guide the power of the elements, Decree, the water, the wind, the fire, the four elements. Although they lack a strong physique, but they can cause tremendous damage and blow to the status quo the ability to freely spell to make up for this deficiency.

Want to harness the power of the elements, the elements enable rapid response to new threats. Any kind of coordination when the element so that the four elements, and will be able to change their own skills available.

Fire Elemental: elements enable many enemies cause burning injury, the earth into flames, lava rain came down from heaven, and so on.

The wind elements: through Mitsuka high winds and lightning, and the elements so focused targeting a specific enemy, launched a high damage attack.

Water element: elements enable ice freeze enemies, water recovery comrades.

Earth element: the element can wake up at the foot of the earth to help them, and the flesh and blood into the rock earthquake shook the enemy, or to trigger a volcanic jet.


Commonly used capabilities, the elements so can cast a spell of some special type, for example the Glyph and call conjuration.

Glyph: Arcane spell can be obtained according to the elements is currently coordinating state enhanced. For example, "Glyph" according to the elements of the caster coordination category, create a of one element furious storm.

Summon the conjuration: elements conjuration summon a variety of functional items and powerful weapons to take advantage of the elements to make himself and his allies can use these items and weapons. "Summon flame ax" skills can summon a flame ax toward the enemy.