Guild Wars 2 Double Dagger Elements Of Teacher Reviews

gw2goldsell Date: May/16/14 01:25:23 Views: 495

Why play Elementalist? Guild Wars 2 Elementalist essentially a very diverse career. We have more than any other career skills can take advantage of, so relatively speaking, the ramp-up time will be relatively long. The four elements - fire, water, wind, earth - we are able to solve various oncoming.

Guild Wars 2 Elementalist

For example: the element of fire can create a lot of AOE damage and burning status, water elements can AOE blood and improve the viability, the wind element provides the kinds of skills needed monomer, the earth element is to provide the defense as well as through the bloody state cause AOE damage. While the elements have considerable potential in the blood, auxiliary, DPS, even Tanzania force, it still has its flaws. That is, the player must spend more energy in order to allow the elements to make a play with the same level of performance in other occupations. Elements so not suitable for each player, but the quake capacity is needed, and be able to design complex combos players who want to play a career.