Guild Wars 2 can be described as creating a new era of the game

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As Europe and the United States is the most fiery MMO game, "Guild Wars 2" can be described as creating a new era of the game. Its delicate screen yet real, shaping a detailed yet abstract conceptual art world, infinitely close to reality, the use of environmental effects into the movie interactive art, for example, when the player jumped into the underwater screen will appear short fuzzy state, used to represent the real situation into the water for the impact of the line of sight. GW2 Gold. When the players leaping from the water, the lens will be wet with water droplets on the screen performance, as if a camera is removed from the water, and then see the effect of the scene through the lens. The integration of a variety of artistic elements, making the "Guild Wars 2" has become a favorite of many artistic control.

GW2 Gold

"Guild Wars 2" artistic director Daniel Road Greek (DanielDociu) is by virtue of the "fighting" good art show, selected 50 of the most appealing game artist in one fell swoop. The game itself has won various awards, awarded the best game of the "era of 2012, GameSpot" Best RPG "and" Best PC Game "and a number of international awards, created on line 4 sales will break through 3 million parts medals.