Guild Wars 2 ArenaNet by North American research and development

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With the development of the Internet, online craze set off worldwide, sought after by many young people, the popularity has far exceeded people's imagination. But only really feel the fun and atmosphere of the game, will understand why so popular online games. Game development or national boundaries, but for the love of the game, regardless of national boundaries. Guild Wars 2 ArenaNet by North American research and development, is an out-and-out "import game", but thanks to the "battle" of precipitation, the game has a very wide range of players in China, and since the on-line has been enjoy a high reputation, its popularity can be imagined.Guild Wars 2 Gold.

"Guild Wars 2" color of the background and characters in the game with just the right of the game screen to make you feel good in the game, whether you're in which a map can see and feel the game's vast and rich, which is the game unique. "Guild Wars 2" strengthen the details of the art game scene in an attempt to shape the overall beauty and culture of the game, making the game itself and its market position groups is more consistent game audience continues to expand, more sense of identity, and thus the formation of an the new style of the game.