Guild Wars 2 aesthetic presents British classical style

gw2goldsell Date: May/16/14 01:25:23 Views: 436

See for the first time "Guild Wars 2" unique visual impression style, I believe many people will feel shines. With splash-ink color painting style, it is beautiful and mysterious, every scene, every character is a rich artistic conception of the art of painting, the unique classical British style seems to bring us to the kingdom in a magical world, was struck by which emotional attraction.

A successful online game, must have their own culture. Culture, including art style, worldview and values​​, the influence of the humanities and the vivid emotional transference, which is the survival of the spirit of a game, but also the players of the game a sense of identity and even a sense of belonging foundation. No culture of the game will no soul, just a string of numbers and code.

guildwars2 rich

"Guild Wars 2" represents the culture is to establish the history of Western magic, but on top of changes and rendering. Petite dwarf, a mysterious wizard tough human savage proud, highly aggressive Orc, based on the history of Western magic, the evil dragon ruled the continent, the dwarves of movement from the center of the Earth to the history of the ground, six set of the true God, and so on, all belong to the "Guild Wars 2" featuring a huge world view. The creator of this world with the unique traditional Chinese ink painting wind presents in front of everyone, every screen filling history of heavy flavor, face Kong Dufu unique feelings.

In the humanities and history, human beings have their Queen and the gods, their bravery and pride in Norn, Asura their technology and wisdom, chalcone their bravery and blood, Hill Warri their magicbeautiful and pale the tree, each race has a thick layer of history, they also through these historical or tough, or intelligence, or courage, or good quality to bring the players, these qualities "Guild Wars 2"the historical accumulation players to Guild Wars 2 "from the" most valuable asset.