Fog of debris need to pay attention to the details and some tips

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Assembled a team

Before you enter the copy, you must form a complete five-person team. The teammates must in the the Lions Arch debris copy of the entry (Asura's door I described before, there after the Halloween update, the position see here), confirmed by the captain into the fog of debris copy of the difficulty.

Copy of the difficulty Help

There is one detail to note, the upper-right corner of the screen displays your current copy of the difficulty. Every time you complete a full clearance cycle (by three fragments copy), the difficulty will increase a level, the difficulty level will continue to increase no upper limit, which is what we said before unlimited challenges.GW2 Gold.

Has been on the increase due to the difficulty in, so inevitably there will be some situation occurs, there will be more uncertain factors in addition to the expected situation. Such as: BOSS difficulty will be growing, but more will also environmental factors. For example: a long downhill trail in volcanic terrain, players need to avoid many of combustion boulder. With the rise of the difficulty, a copy will be increased to more challenging settings, in addition to have the Rolling Stones also additional refresh monster to interfere with the players.

Each of you to complete a new degree of difficulty challenge the system will automatically record your difficulty level, these records are always followed you, if your team is restructured, a copy of the difficulty limit will change, by your teammates difficulty the lowest level of man to decide.

GW2 Gold

It simply means that you have already completed the difficulty 2 copies of all debris can be challenging and difficult when your team disbanded, so this time you had to go back to the lion the Arches group a new team, in this new team the inside player difficulty levels are still stuck in the first layer, then all people must go to play once the difficulty of a copy of to continue until you help teammates unlock the difficulty debris copy of challenging and difficult. Group team time to pay attention slightly.