Eyadema repair is one of three multi-ethnic Mission

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Eyadema religious name (Durmand Priory) was reason to place their monastery in the name of the file The Eyadema religious members act as Tyria continent various consultants, trainers, and historian. Collected knowledge, they will attempt to resolve the ancient dragon, and very happy to share that knowledge with other races scholars together to exchange. Eyadema repair is one of three multi-ethnic Mission, they want to take advantage of the power of wisdom to find ways to save the world.


Eyadema Congregation was founded in 1105 AE, this time as early as the rise in aure lion arches not been flooded. Eyadema repair will create time late in secret precept group, Que Shibi secret precept group and nightwatchman old organization. One of the the Eyadema repair be Tyria world's main contribution is the origin of the famous new the Kryta text (see new Kryta text test, according to), this single language not only allows scholars have learned a lot of knowledge, and but also the knowledge for the exchange of all races can understand. Is because Eyadema the repair be new text to promote effect before Tyria continent's most intelligent beings can share the results.