Elaborate On The Origin Of The Guild Wars 2 New Kryta Text

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1070 Chalcone first territorial invasion of Ascalon, until the Cormyr replaced Abaddon God this time, "text" not in Tyria world widely. Human society is not a unified text, so those books through an interpreter to let the people of other countries to read, "literacy" or "interpretation" is part of scholars doing so many Ascalon and The Kryta people do not understand their own text, which brought great difficulties for the communication between them.

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When the Ascalon people become refugees arrived in Dakota Rita, they also bring their own cultural Although verbal of the people of both countries with the same language exchange, but they still can not smoothly written text communication. So, the the Duman De monastery (DurMand Priory) to become the leader of both towards the unification of the text, they allow scholars compiled the great treasures of knowledge, they are not proficient in a variety of text symbols. Moderate through the efforts of the monastery and Tyria mutual efforts of all cultural heritage, one can be solved in different languages ​​to communicate was born, and that is the birth of the new Kryta text, which was born in 1105, is a landmark moment (Incidentally, Asura is only a race against a unified text, we can see how their own cultural attachment).

In the past 220 years, the New Kryta text becomes of Tyria standard writing system, which is widely used in the human kingdom Asura the College and Norn in. Duman De monastery began to promote work, the widespread use of new text, so that all the wisdom of race to be able to read and understand the text around them.

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Each the Tyria citizen, regardless of where they come from, has the opportunity to read the new of Kryta text of education, even chalcone as enemies and Hill of Warri as new friends to accept this form of communication. Chalcone developed the first printing press, it appears completely changed Tyria writing books in every corner of the world, signs, newspapers have adopted this way to write a text, they will appear daily.

The these new Kryta text everywhere, intuitively and you will produce the feeling of "This write what ah", but it is not readily chaos breaking all these Kryta text interpretation, you will be able to read them meaning, the second picture is the Chinese wiki on the conversion table.