Each day you complete an Infiniarium Event in Guild Wars 2

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So by now most players have completed the Tixx Infiniarium events and have collected most of the toy frames for the Wintersday minis,if not, we have guides up to help you through them. So far it looks like players can only get enough crafting materials to complete 2 of the 5 toys. I can’t help you with choosing which 2 to make, but I can help you making the 2 you do choose.

Each day you complete an Infiniarium Event you are granted your choice of 250 stuffing or 250 glue. If you want to complete 2 minis, make sure you get 500 of each. Although you can get more of these ingredients from presents and other sources around Wintersday.

The Mystical Cog are the real limiting factor here that prevent you from crafting more than 2 minis. Each day you complete the Tixx event you’ll get 100. That means after his 5 stops you should have exactly 500 Mystical Cogs, just enough to make two pets.

Like most high end crafting in the game, head on down to Lion’s Arch and pay the Mystic forge a visit. Dropping the required Ingredients into the forge will 100% yield the mini you desire.

Now if you are like me and did each event, you’ll have 3 frames left over. What to do with the last frames? Well that’s where Endless Tonics come in. Each frame can be used in the forge to create an everlasting tonic that turns you into the toy of choice for 15 minutes.

Unlike the mini crafting, this recipe does have a luck based chance of happening. You’ll put your materials into the Mystic Forge and if you fail, you’ll get back just the Toy Frame to try again. If you succeed you’ll be granted the desired Tonic and you’ll have the awesome ability to be any toy of your choice at anytime.

If you really want to be a go getter, you can craft what may be the most adorable Quaggan mini in the game. You'll need to play even more crazy odds to make it happen, but this one might be worth it.

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To collect the Mini's you will need, you'll need to be opening a lot of Wintersday Mystery Boxes and hope for the best. You can get them as drops from enemies, but truth be told the best way to get them is just off the gem store directly. Whether that means cold hard cash or converting hard earned Gold into gems is your call.