Dynamic events allow Guild Wars 2 has become a life-world

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Fixed task, the refresh timer BOSS, waking up the story line and so on, these are often seen in other games are played, but in the "Guild Wars 2" will become a thing of the past, "Guild Wars 2" in the original"dynamic event" system, so that the stories and tasks in the game, all the "dynamic events" in front of everyone, so that the entire game world to interact with you.

"Guild Wars 2" NPC not fixed the next task and the task assigned, the majority of tasks are automatically access and auto-complete. "Dynamic events" Guild Wars 2 "the most important part of the PVE content, many games have tried similar settings, but" Guild Wars 2 "and compared, there are fundamentally different. No fixed tasks, so that "Guild Wars 2" feel more alive, unlike the previous game, a task done countless times, or in killing the same strange, and same NPC say the same thing.

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The so-called "dynamic events", as the name suggests, it is the occurrence of conditions is random, some may be in the side of the road because you kill a mobs, it could be you free to pick up a little thing, could trigger a regional level even involved in the large-scale world-class event, some even rain and snow weather factors triggered, and the players involved or not, as long as the trigger condition is satisfied, these events will occur.

Sometimes you just want to rest a while in one village, but the sudden appearance of a monster siege, this time you have to choose and the villagers beat the monster, or turned to flee. If you choose to flee, then the village will really compromised, captured the village of monsters will become the village of their stronghold, thoroughly occupied after this stronghold outward expansion until around the entire map .

Dynamic events in the game has more than thousands of some large dynamic events or even hundreds of people involved to complete these "Guild Wars 2" will become your adventure on the road most legendary experience!