Dragon Bash in the Real World

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Dragon Bash is almost here! Guild Wars 2 made some real-world versions of the dragon piñatas you’ll find in Guild Wars 2 today and shared them with our friends at various gaming sites for their very own Dragon Bash.Guild Wars 2 Gold.Everyone filmed the bashing, and the results were as epic as they were varied.


Unless you've been living under a karka-sized rock for the past month, you've probably heard something about the upcoming Dragon Bash holiday event. An evolution of the Dragon Festival celebrated in the original Guild Wars, the Dragon Bash will introduce several new goodies and activities that will no doubt keep even the least festive spirit going for hours.


4gamers: Rude de Draak slachtoffer van Yoni de Hooligan.


IGN:Up at Noon – Greg Miller Obliterates the Guild Wars 2 Piñata(Pinata bashing starts at 12:52)


MMOHuts:To celebrate another year of survival in the shadow of the Dragons the people of Lion’s Arch have come together for a festival, a Dragon Bash filled with singing, races, and every little Charr’s favorite, fireworks. But not everything will be fun and games. There is a shadowy underworld to Lion’s Arch waiting to be uncovered.Players can experience the in-game events starting June 11th.


MMORPG: Celebrating Dragon Bash with Piñata-Slaying Epicness.Starting June 11, Guild Wars 2 will be celebrating the Dragon Bash festival in game where players can build and destroy giant dragon effigies for candy and boosts, compete at mini-games like Dragon Ball and Moa Racing, win special rewards including exclusive weapon skins and holographic dragon wings, shoot off fireworks, and more. The grand finale will culminate in a lighting ceremony on June 18 in Lion's Arch.


Ten Ton Hammer: Dragon Bashing, Ten Ton Hammer style.


Buffed: buffed kloppt Pinata zum Drachengepolter-Festival im Video – Monty Python lassen grüßen!


Power Unlimited: PU Live Gemist: de E3, Mario Picross en een kapotte Piñata.Vandaag zaten Maarten, Samuel en Jan aan de balie bij PU LIVE. Ze bespraken het laatste gamenieuws, hebben het over de E3 en Samuels laatste obsessie genaamd Mario Picross. Oh ja en een Piñata begeeft het leven.

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Curse: Dragon Bash – Guild Wars 2 Festival.


I hope you're all as excited as I am for the build to hit the live servers on the 11th so things can really get started.