Comprehensive Quest Guild Wars 2 dual-mode Dungeons system

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Tyria world is extremely dangerous in many places, even the most experienced, best-equipped team dare not enter, it is the underground city, these underground city are displayed in the form of different styles Tyria adventurewho's in front.

"Guild Wars 2" underground city designed specifically for adventure full of the spirit of adventure, the underground city is huge, is the only high-grade team dare challenge the private adventure area. Underground city a dangerous abnormal, but for those who dare to challenge Tyria continent Dungeons brave, generous returns so that everything becomes worth.

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Each underground city will be divided into story mode and exploration mode. The story mode has a gripping plot terrorist enemies. In the exploration mode, Tyria explorers who can come into contact with more challenging content, more diverse objectives and obstacles.

When you first explore the underground city, you will experience the story mode, the focus is to experience the story plot organization - the fate of the legendary hero Blade adventure epic. For example, in the Twilight of the tree underground city, your team and the famous Hill Warri thieves Casey work together against the evil of the Hill Warri nightmare atrium organizations.