Ascalon to the Domain of the Charr in Guild Wars 2

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The charr—an aggressive feline race—have perfected the bloody art of war. While they are ruthless, relentless terrors to their enemies, charr are also brave allies who can form unbreakable bonds of loyalty.

Centuries of endless war have molded charr society into the most advanced militaristic and industrial race in Tyria. Their culture is dominated by the High Legions, which are in turn composed of smaller warbands of charr who live and fight together. Every charr—from the fiercest legionnaire to the humblest farmer—sees themself as a soldier.

Although the charr once again control their ancestral homeland of Ascalon, their grip is not as tight as they would like. Centuries ago, the last human king of Ascalon summoned the Foefire, a magic cataclysm that turned his people into vengeful ghosts who to this day wage a ghostly insurgency against the charr. Meanwhile, the Flame Legion, a faction of sorcerous charr outcasts who worship false gods, wage a civil war against the other three High Legions, seeking to regain their former dominance.

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Yet the greatest and most immediate danger has been brought by the Elder Dragon Kralkatorrik. Once freed from its deep tomb, the dragon flew south, its mere presence scouring and transforming the land beneath it. That blasted landscape serves as a battleground for the dragon minions’ continual war with the charr.